Daniela Phayne

Lily Papukhain

Jim Gallagher

Marcus McGrew

Jenn Dickinson

Jenn Dickinson

Director of Grants Management

Helmsley Charitable Trust

“TruthRetreats delivered a breadth of immersive DEI experiences with deep reflection in a very short time. With a structured curriculum and a perfect mix of collegiality and bravery, the TruthRetreats team engaged our heads and hearts to learn more about DEI. I learned as much important American history in Montgomery, AL as in a trip to Washington, DC. Best of all, I felt invited and inspired to use the truth in solidarity with the many who have led the charge to improve our country and build a better future. Thank you for this transformative time!”

Daniel Weinzveg

Team & Leadership Development Consultant

The Meeting Guru

“TruthRetreats is led by Titans in the field with giant hearts. They led our diverse group through a profound, compassionate, honest, eye opening experience that was transformative. Together, we laughed, we cried, we shook our heads, and we experienced a panoply of emotions which our extremely skilled facilitators held with grace and passion. In the end, we were more connected to each other and our mission to drive meaningful change for the organizations and communities we serve.”

Truth Retreats Participant

“The Truth Retreats team was amazing! They were very knowledgeable and compassionate. They helped us process difficult experiences.”