What is a Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experience?

A Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experience is an immersive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) leadership program that takes participants on a profound journey across the Civil Rights Trail. 

Is previous DEI or DEIJ training needed?

Previous DEI training is helpful but is not necessary to participate in the Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experience.  Pre-work will be provided to participants to help them develop an understanding sufficient to participate fully in the Experience.

What is the focus of the Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experience?

With a robust focus on DEIJ, the Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experience confronts the truthful American history regarding slavery, racial inequality, civil rights, and social justice, and the impact of that history on our current culture. This unique program embodies the principles of Truth and Reconciliation, delivering a customized, in-depth educational experience that resonates deeply with those committed to understanding and implementing DEIJ in their lives and organizations. 

Who manages and operates Truth Retreats?

Truth Retreats is managed and operated by Truth DEI Consulting and Civil Rights Trail Tours, both industry-leading and minority-owned and operated organizations. Committed to promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, Truth Retreats provides immersive experiences that connect historical truths with contemporary challenges. The unique perspective offered by these minority-led organizations adds depth and authenticity to the program, ensuring a meaningful and transformative experience.

Where does the Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experience take place?

The majority of the Experience will take place in Montgomery, Alabama. This historically significant city will allow participants to connect with history and gain insights into DEIJ principles.  A trip to Selma, Alabama, the home of the Edmund C. Pettus Bridge and the site of “Bloody Sunday”, will provide depth to the understanding of the cost and impact of the Civil Rights era.

How does Truth Retreats impact organizations?

Truth Retreats seeks to lead its attendees to a place of cultural humility, enriching organizations with comprehensive DEIJ understanding, enhancing empathy, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, and leading to more effective DEI -JUSTICE initiatives.

How is the program implemented?

Through site visits, discussions, interactive sessions, and expert guidance, participants engage with history and its present-day implications, fostering a personal and professional transformation that empowers them to be catalysts for meaningful change in their communities. It’s more than a training; it’s an awakening to the essential principles of DEIJ, equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge, tools, and empathy to create a more inclusive and just society.

Why is a Truth and Reconciliation Experience needed?

A Truth and Reconciliation Experience is vital, enabling individuals and organizations to confront historical truths and systemic inequalities. It promotes self-awareness, understanding and reconciliation, fostering more diverse and inclusive environments, and addressing the impact of past injustices.

What is the goal of Truth and Reconciliation DEI Experiences?

These experiences aim to foster empathy and commitment to DEIJ. They involve engaging dialogues about racism, historical injustices, and more, leading to transformative learning. Connecting the past with the present, the goal is cultural humility and a more inclusive future.

Are there opportunities for companies to customize the program based on their specific needs?

Yes, Truth Retreats offers opportunities for companies to customize the program based on their specific DEIJ needs and goals. The training can be tailored to address particular challenges, industry-specific concerns, or organizational objectives, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

How can organizations measure the return on investment (ROI) of participating in Truth Retreats?

Organizations can measure the ROI of participating in Truth Retreats by assessing improvements in workplace culture, employee satisfaction, talent retention, and the successful implementation of DEIJ initiatives. Comparing the outcomes with the initial organizational goals and objectives set before the program provides valuable insights into the program’s effectiveness and impact on the organization’s success.

What additional benefits do participants receive?

Beyond the Experience itself, participants receive pre-tour, on-site, and post-follow-up materials. Participants will also receive a highlight video, photos, a Truth and Reconciliation DEIJ badge, and a certificate affirming their commitment to change.

What should participants wear during the event?

Business casual attire is recommended for Truth Retreats, balancing professionalism and comfort. Comfortable shoes are encouraged for all tour components.

Are there follow-up resources after the retreat?

Yes, post-Experience guidance, readings, and tools will be provided. Additionally, participants can contact Truth DEI Consulting and Civil Rights Trail Tours to discuss continuing support as their organizations continue to build on their DEIJ journey.

Is Truth retreats exclusively for organizations?

This program is designed to resonate with and educate a wide array of participants.  Truth Retreats welcomes organizations, schools, private groups, professional sports organizations and teams, universities, and foundations, and any other groups interested in DEIJ and Civil Rights history. By offering these diverse audiences a unique, immersive DEIJ educational experience, Truth Retreats ensures a rich, engaging journey into DEI and the fundamental lessons of the Civil Rights Movement. 

How does the program foster personal growth and transformation?

Through self-reflection and historical engagement, participants increase awareness of their personal biases and privileges, fostering empathy, cultural humility, and a desire to make positive contributions to an inclusive society.

Is the training suitable for all types of organizations?

Designed for all sizes and industries, Truth Retreats’ content can be tailored to specific organizational backgrounds, ensuring relevance and value.

How does the program address unconscious bias?

By highlighting unconscious bias and providing mitigation tools, Truth Retreats supports participants in creating an equitable and inclusive culture.